A Survey from a Healthcare Provider?

These days it seems that almost any time you buy anything from coffee to t-shirts, someone is asking for your opinion. Call this number for a chance to win $1,000. Fill out this survey and get a free doughnut when you buy one. Let us know what you think, and we’ll come and clean your house.
That last one would get a lot of response, wouldn’t it?
We’re not selling coffee or t-shirts, and yet we’re handing out surveys too. That’s not something you typically find from a health care provider. But we’re not a typical health care provider, and we really want to know what you think.

The premise behind ella health is that not enough women get a regular breast cancer screening exam. We want to change that by creating a better mammography experience. That means that even before we set up an exam room, we talked with women about what is important to them. We asked about the experience they’d had and how it could be better. We listened to what they said, and we designed a center that addressed their concerns.
It is big things like having the latest technology, and small things like having heated robes and a warm exam room.
Now that we’re seeing patients, we’re still concerned about what they have to say. We want to know if the room is warm enough and whether our patients feel they are getting the respect they deserve. We are committed to providing the best mammography experience possible, and that means asking whether we are meeting your expectations.
We may not come and clean your house, but we will listen to you, and we will respond.

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