ella health chosen for convenience and technology

When ella health opened its doors earlier this year, the first patient was Carol Cohen, the wife of Brian Cohen, M.D., who has a practice in the same building at Partners in Women’s Health Care. Dr. Cohen not only recommended the center to his wife but also urges his patients to go there. The Cohens have chosen ella because the center is designed around improving the mammography experience in order to encourage women to get a mammogram. Recently they explained their decision:

Why ella health?

Carol Cohen: As a pediatric nurse who raised two boys, I understand how busy things get. You make an appointment, and life happens. The best part about ella is being able to make an appointment on short notice. The fact that you can get the appointment just prior to having your Ob/Gyn appointment is ideal. For a working mom, especially one with young children, it’s great if you only have to hire a babysitter or leave work once instead of having the appointments at two different times.

Brian Cohen, M.D.: My patients are able to get a high quality mammogram very quickly. I especially appreciate that they have access to the latest advance in mammography, the 3-D Tomosynthesis system. This is a medical innovation that really makes a difference. It increases the likelihood that a cancer will be found, and it reduces uncertainty, which means fewer women are called back for a second appointment. A call back can be frightening, so I’d like to decrease that. It’s also important to me as a physician that the report is done quickly. Patients want to know the results as soon as possible, and so do I. That way they’re reassured, or we can decide how to follow up.

What was your impression of the center?

Carol Cohen: The facility is beautiful. I had an opportunity to look at the monitor that the techs look at, and I was astonished at the clarity. I like the real robes, although the rooms are kept warm, which is great. It’s also nice to have private changing spaces. During the mammography, they used a pad on the machine, which makes it more comfortable. Overall, I was impressed with how friendly everyone is and how well the techs answer questions. As a nurse, I know it’s important for patients to feel comfortable about asking questions.

Brian Cohen, M.D.: It’s an inviting place. It doesn’t have the atmosphere of a clinic, and I think that makes it more attractive. That’s important because I want my patients to get a mammogram every year, and I think this makes it more likely that they will.

What do you tell women about getting a mammogram?

Carol Cohen: You should know that you don’t need a prescription or a referral. You can make your own appointment. The most important thing is to get one every year. I have seen what breast cancer does to a family. Breast cancer has touched so many people. Early detection really is key.

Brian Cohen: Too many times patients say to me, “You gave me the [mammography] slip, but I didn’t have time right away.” Then they forget or get busy and don’t make the appointment. Having ella health in the same building makes it more likely that patients will make the appointment. This is very important. I want my patients to  get the care they need.

Contact ella health today to make an appointment

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