Your family and friends want you to know

During a recent discussion on mammography, a woman admitted she didn’t get an annual mammography because she doesn’t really want to know.

She’s a successful woman who manages a busy family. She plans ahead and does her best to protect her family in nearly every way. And yet, she doesn’t want to take the time for a test that could save her life?

Maybe the fear is understandable. No one wants to get breast cancer. Most of us know someone who has had breast cancer and we know how difficult it can be. If we don’t know, we don’t have to face all of those treatments or the possibility that they may not work.

Do you know someone who feels that way? Do you feel that way?

For those who do, let’s set ourselves aside for a moment. Rather than thinking about us, let’s think about our mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, and best friends. What if they have breast cancer? What if it’s growing right now? Wouldn’t you want them to know so they could get it taken care of? And wouldn’t you want them to know early when the treatments are easier?

Okay, back to us. We are the daughters, mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces and best friends. There are people in our lives who need us. We can’t take care of them if we don’t take care of ourselves.

A mammogram is a line of defense against breast cancer. It doesn’t stop the disease or prevent it, but it can help determine if you have it and then you can fight it before it grows any bigger or gets any worse. If you are overdue for a mammogram, do your friends and family and yourself a favor and make an appointment.

At ella health, we’re working hard to make it easy for you. We offer appointments on short notice, sometimes even on the same day, and they’re quick. You’ll find friendly staff to answer any questions. Plus, there are the special touches like heated rooms, cloth robes and music in the background for a better experience.

We use the best technology available, 3-D imaging. This more accurate test increases the chance of finding cancers and decreases the chance that you will be called back for another test on something that isn’t cancer.

And, we won’t keep you waiting. After the exam, you will have the results within 24 hours, or by Monday if the appointment was on a Friday.

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