ella health provides a different kind of mammography experience

The experience of getting a mammogram has not always been pleasant for Carmela, Carmela but there is a family history of cancer on her father’s side so she wants to make sure she keeps a close eye on her own health. Despite being busy with her job of helping U.S. Service men and women connect with dental care, she makes sure to make time for an annual breast cancer screening exam.

ella health was designed with women like Carmela in mind. We wanted to make it easier for women to make and keep an annual mammogram appointment and to provide them with a welcoming environment. We measure our success by what our patients are saying about their experience. This is Carmela’s story:

Carmela thought she knew what to expect when going for a mammogram – a cold room, a thin robe and a long wait.

This year was different, however. She came to ella health, a new mammography center in Harrisburg. There was coffee and tea in the waiting room and music playing in the background.

“It was the best experience I’ve ever had, and I’ve been getting mammograms for more than ten years,” she said. “You don’t even feel like you are in a doctor’s office.”

The technologist who greeted her was “endearing,” Carmela said. She was handed a warm robe that was soft enough to be one you would use every morning.  During the exam, Carmela said she appreciated that the technologist explained exactly what was going on and that she used a pad to make the machine more comfortable.

Because of the technology available at ella, Carmela was able to get a 3D mammogram at the same time as the conventional 2D exam. This increases the likelihood of a cancer being detected and decreases the chance that a patient will be called back because of a false positive.

Most surprisingly, perhaps, was that the appointment was over so quickly.

“I always expect to hang around for an hour or two,” Carmela said. “I was out in five or ten minutes, which left me plenty of time to run errands.”

She got her results by phone the very next day. She has the peace of mind in knowing that nothing was found and she doesn’t have to come back until next year.

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