At ella health, quicker results, less stress

on the phoneIn our lives, there is a wide variety of stress.  There’s the intensive, “We need to leave right now or be late for school and work,” sort.  And there’s the overwhelming, “I’m going to lose my job,” variety. And then there’s a more low grade type of background stress that keeps you from relaxing and distracts you from the things you need to be taking care of. This is the sort that comes from finally getting a mammogram and then having to wait weeks for the result.

It doesn’t matter that you weren’t worried before you went in for the mammogram or that you have no risk of cancer or that you have no reason to think you might have it.

The thing is that once you have your mammogram, the possibility of having cancer is front and center in your mind. Do I? Don’t I? Suddenly, you are thinking about it and wondering and very much aware of the possibility. Nothing has changed. Your chance of getting cancer hasn’t increased. The test will likely come back negative. But what if it doesn’t? You may feel sure you can deal with it, but the uncertainty of not knowing whether you have to can be agonizing.

There’s enough stress in life, and this is one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about. That’s why we get the results of your mammogram to you within 24 hours, or on Monday if your appointment is on Friday. We don’t send an impersonal letter. We call, or we text or e-mail if you prefer. If there’s nothing wrong, you should know quickly so you can deal with the other things that are stressing you out. And if there is something that needs further evaluation, you should know quickly so you can take care of yourself. If there is a concern, be assured that we’ll work with you to make the follow up appointments you need. We will even send your results along to your doctors, so you won’t have to worry about that.

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