Harrisburg Walkers Make Strides Against Breast Cancer


Making Strides Harrisburg

Staff from Partners in Women’s Health, PC at Making Strides. From left to right: Darby Pellish, Kay Green and Jan Hempt

It may not seem like a big deal – putting on some pink and going for a walk. But when you do it with hundreds of others, it becomes a big, important deal. Then, you’ve created a community with the power to make significant changes. It was great to see that in action at Making Strides Against Breast Cancer on Oct. 20th in Harrisburg. Congratulations to all the walkers and the organizers. There were so many wonderful people with so many heart warming and heart wrenching stories. It was amazing to see the commitment to defeating this devastating disease and to supporting those who have to face it directly. 

Thank you to those who stopped by the booth. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the center so you can see first hand what we have done to make a better mammography experience. We want to make it easier and more comfortable so that you will come in annually to monitor your health. ella health staff

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