3D Mammogram Enables Active Grandmother to Fight Breast Cancer

Gail Ismart is enjoying the extra time retirement has given her to spend time with her children and

3D at ella health

ella health offers 3D mammograms. The images are taken at the same time using the same equipment as conventional 2D mammograms.

grandchildren, take care of her mother and catch up on gardening and kayaking. She didn’t expect getting treated for breast cancer to be on that list.She has a low risk profile with no family history of breast cancer, and yet she is diligent about getting an annual mammogram. This year, she came to ella health. She said she appreciated how the staff members warmly greeted her and guided her through the process. She liked the music playing in the background and the warm robe in the private dressing room.

Gail said she especially appreciated the new technology used at ella health, a 3D imaging system that provides a clearer, more comprehensive image. The image showed an area of concern. After notifying her, ella health staff helped set up a follow-up appointment and made sure that her images were sent along. The follow-up appointment revealed a small, early stage breast cancer.

She was able to have it treated with a lumpectomy followed by radiation. The treatment went so smoothly that she was able to make a long-planned trip to Italy and Spain earlier this year.

“I feel grateful that it was found at an early stage,” Gail said. “Everything went as well as it possibly could have.”

At ella health, we know women are busy and we know it can be hard to find the time for an annual mammogram. But, we also know how important it is. We are committed to providing the best, most convenient experience possible to encourage women to make and keep that appointment.

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