Best Gift May Be a Conversation about Mammography

presentHave you been searching for just the right gift for your friend? Trying to figure out how much to spend? What color? What size? Will it be meaningful enough? Will it just get shoved in a closet?

What about giving your friends a different type of gift this year? How about giving the gift of peace of mind? No wrapping required. It can be as simple as asking the question, “Did you get a mammogram this year?”

Too many women haven’t. They’re too busy. They’re not sure where to go. They think they need a doctor’s referral (they don’t) or that it won’t be covered by insurance (it is). They’re afraid of the machine, or they’re afraid of the answer. For whatever reason, they haven’t gotten that simple test that can identify cancer early, when it is most treatable.

It’s important. Why? The rate of women under 50 dying from breast cancer has dropped 3.2 percent each year since 1990, and the rate of women over 50 dying from the disease has dropped 2 percent each year, according to the American Cancer Society. This is attributed not only to better treatment but also better detection.

Just asking that one simple question can make the difference. Just knowing you care enough to ask can motivate your friend to make the call. It’s not the sort of thing we talk about very often, but it is the sort of thing we should talk about.

And if you haven’t had your mammogram this year, give yourself the gift and make an appointment now.

ella health offers 3D imaging, the most advanced technology available to help better identify cancers and prevent false positives that require a second round of imaging. We strive to offer the best mammogram experience possible in a comfortable spa-like setting that features heated, private dressing rooms and comfy cloth robes.

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