ella health Technologist Brings Experience and Care to the Job

Michele Dente

Michele Dente offers mammography patients a warm, cloth robe.

For Michele Dente, breast cancer screening is personal.Her mother was diagnosed with cancer when she was just 12 years old. Her mother survived, but the experience left a lasting impression on Michele and compelled her to get a license to be a mammography technologist.

After 17 years in the field, she still enjoys her job because of the interactions with patients. Michele recently joined ella health’s new center in Toms River, New Jersey.

“I love the atmosphere here,” she said. “It’s really designed to make the patient feel comfortable.”

Many leave saying they feel like they’ve just spent time at a spa, she said.

She has found over the years that some women hesitate to come in because they fear discomfort during the procedure or are nervous about the results. Michele, a mother of three, said she understands her patients’ concerns and does her best to address them. To relieve patients’ stress, Michele talks to them throughout the exam and carefully explains what she is doing. She also uses ella health’s special pad to ensure patients are more comfortable during the procedure.

“I want this to be a more pleasant experience so women will want to come back and continue to take care of themselves,’’ Michele said. She also explains that is better to know if you have cancer so that it can be treated earlier.

One of the things Michele appreciates most is that patients are able to get quick results. They are notified within one business day by phone, email or text, whichever they prefer.

Call today to make an appointment at Toms River, 1-848-221-8209

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