Overcoming Mammogram Fears

Colleen Shannon was just a college student when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 42. Her mother recovered, but the experiColleenence left a lasting impression on Colleen. She began getting regular mammograms in her thirties. This changed as she approached the age her mother was when she was diagnosed. She found herself putting off the annual screening exam.

“I was kind of afraid to go,” she admits.

She has two young children and the thought of being ill was too overwhelming to contemplate. Plus, in addition to being a mom, she’s a manager of information research for Hershey Company and earning an MBA. It’s hard to find the time for extra medical appointments.

Then, she called to schedule an annual physical and found out that there was a new mammography center, ella health, just downstairs from the doctor’s office. Although she was leery of leaving the place she’d been going to, the convenience was appealing. She was able to schedule the doctor’s visit and the mammogram on the same day. Plus, ella health obtained all of her records, so she didn’t have to worry about transferring them.

Colleen didn’t expect what she found – a friendly staff, a comfortable spa like setting, a real robe, plenty of privacy and warm rooms. Plus, ella health offers 3D mammography, which provides more comprehensive images.

“It was just delightful,” she said. “And it really made what can be a stressful time into something that’s not nearly so stressful.”

The appointment didn’t take long and within 24 hours, she had the results. Everything is normal.

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  1. Rachel A. Heldt

    Good story…encourages me to keep getting my exams.

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