ella health Gives Patients On-line Access to Mammogram Images

woman looking at lap topIf it’s your health, shouldn’t you have access to your records?

At ella health, we believe we are here to help you take care of yourself. That’s why we’ve made it as comfortable as possible to get a mammogram, so you will want to come back every year.

It’s also why we give you the results the way you want to get them – phone or email – your health, your choice. But because this is your health, and these are your records, we felt this wasn’t enough.

We want you to have direct access to your medical image studies as soon after your appointment as they are available and whenever you want them. You can see them on line, and you can share them with any of your providers.

We will still send your image study to your designated doctor as we have always done, but now you will also have full access.

We will also still keep your study on file so that it can be used for comparison the next time you come in. It is important to have this so that the radiologist can make note of any changes that could indicate a problem. If you haven’t been to ella before, don’t worry, we will get your previous images so the radiologist can make a comparison.

In order for you to get your images, we will set up a free online account for you when you come in. We will email you the registration link and you can take it from there. The instructions are easy to follow, and we are available if you have any questions.  Once you are registered, you will be able to review your study with anyone at any time.

You can now request an appointment online or just give us a call. Insurance covers routine mammograms and you do not need a doctor referral.

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