A job that makes a difference

traceyTracey Weidner, a mammography tech, likes her job because she is able to make a difference for women. Recently, she talked about what she does:

Why did you choose this career?

I chose to become a mammographer because it allowed me to be in healthcare and stay involved in the latest technology, while having a more personal relationship with patients.  I felt I would be able to make a positive impact on patients with their experiences with mammograms.

How do you approach your job?

There are two questions/concerns I hear repeatedly from women: when will I get the results and is this going to hurt?   I explain to all of my patients that compression is necessary to get a good, clear image.  That being said, the compression will get tight, but it should not be painful.  I always ask them to let me know if it feels like it’s too much for them.  As far as the results, it is great to be able to tell women they will hear from us within 24 hours.  Most are extremely happy with that news.

What do you like about working at ella health?

I think the most important thing about ella health is that it’s centered on the women.  Not only are we offering the latest technology, but we are focusing our attention and our details on making a mammogram a positive experience for women – and I see those positive results every day.

What else can you tell us about you?

I am married and have a daughter, who is three.  They are my life.  In addition to spending great times with them, I love to read, cook/bake, and hike with my husband.

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