Study Highlights 3D Effectiveness

In an age of advancing technology, it seems to be a given that 3D must be better than flat 2D. After all, people pay more to watch the same movie in 3D, even if they have to wear goofy glasses.

CBS Screen

Dr. Liane Philipotts, chief of breast imaging at Yale University Medical Center, explained on CBS why 3D is better.

But is that true when it comes to breast cancer screening? Is the addition of 3D really better for detecting cancer? Absolutely, according to another study published this week. This research, published in Lancet Oncology, showed that when doctors used 3D combined with conventional 2D, they were able to find 50 percent more cancers than with 2D imaging alone.

The study showed another signficant advantage of using both 3D and 2D images – there are fewer false positives. This means that you are less likely to be called back for more testing only to find that there is nothing of concern.

We provide 3D mammograms at ella health because we want you to have access to the best technology available. It’s part of our commitment to providing you with the best experience possible when you come in for a breast cancer screening exam. We believe that if the experience is better, you are more likely to take this important step in protecting your health, which matters to us.

The American Cancer Society recommends that women over 40 have a mammogram annually. This is the best way to detect breast cancer earlier, when it is most treatable.

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