A National Push to Get Healthy

Are you eating as well as you would like to be? Are you getting as much exerise as you want? Has your own health gotten pushed bannerdown on the the priority list? It happens all too easily. All too often women are so busy caring for everyone else that they neglect to take care of themselves. It’s hard to fit it in the schedule, and it’s hard to get motivated.

But now it’s time for you. This is National Women’s Health Week, a chance for you to step up and do all of the things you have been wanting to do to take better care of yourself.

At ella health, we believe that you are important and your health matters. We want to do all that we can to help you keep yourself healthy. This includes getting an annual mammogram after age 40, as the American Cancer Society has recommended. We make it easy with our on line appointment request for our centers in Lemoyne, PA, or Toms River, NJ.


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