What are Your Plans for Summer?

summer plansWith summer unofficially started, it’s time to make plans to get the most out of the season. Where will you head for vacation? What do you want to do on the weekends? What should get done around the house? Maybe it’s time for a list.

Do you need a to-do list to have fun? After all, you do so much planning for work and so much scheduling around the family, do the off hours have to be mapped out as well? There is something to be said for being spontaneous, but having a list can help you make sure to get to the things you want most.

Some families do a joint list so everyone has a say. The lists can be vague with general ideas like go fishing, take a few hikes or read books together. Or, you can get very specific about where and when and how many times. You can include just a few things to make sure they all get done or make it long. But, you may want to set priorities if there’s more than can be done in one summer. And of course, a list is just a guide, it shouldn’t rule out being spontaneous every now and then.

As you are planning your summer, make sure to include your medical care. Is it time for your annual mammogram? It may be tempting to wait until later, but it’s better to stay on schedule. A mammogram is the best way to  detect cancer early, when it is most treatable. At ella health, the appointment won’t take long and you will have your results within one business day. We use the latest technology available, 3D imaging, along with conventional 2D imaging. This provides clearer pictures that make it easier to detect cancer and prevent false positives.

You can request an appointment at anytime online.

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