Busy Mom and Business Owner Says Take Time for You

Tina Adamopoulos, co-founder of Tag Em Tournaments with her family.

Tina Adamopoulos, co-founder of Tag Em Tournaments, (second from the right) with her family.

Tina Adamopoulos already had two children and a full-time job when she decided to throw one more thing into the schedule four years ago – a new business.She and a partner launched Tag Em Tournaments, a company that organizes fund-raising baseball events for little leagues. It meant working a lot of early mornings, evenings and weekends until it grew large enough to leave the full-time job. Now, even without that, Tina’s schedule is overflowing as Tag Em Tournaments expands.

Among the things that got sidelined was her own health care. Until last year, she gone four years without a mammogram appointment, something she doesn’t recommend.

“It’s one of those things that just sort of happens, you put yourself aside,” she said. “But this isn’t just about you. If you don’t go to get checked, you may not be around for those you love and to do what you need to do.”

This year, she discovered ella health through her doctor’s office. She said the experience ensures she will be keeping up with her mammograms from now on.

The soft music and the coffee in the waiting room made her feel instantly welcome.

“And the staff was so genuine,” Tina said. “You don’t feel like just a number.”

Not only did she feel comfortable while she was there, the whole appointment hardly knocked her off schedule at all. She was in and out by 8:30 a.m. and on to the job of making sure her kids have what they need while planning more tournaments.

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