Warm Robe and Padding Improve Mammogram

NettieNettie, a cheerful grandmother of five, is faithful about getting an annual mammogram. This year she decided to try the place where her daughter, Tresa Spano works as a mammo tech.

Sort of like a secret shopper, Nettie came to ella health in Toms River  unannounced, not looking for any special treatment. Not that it would have mattered, since everyone is given special treatment at ella.

Still, the center was even better than Nettie had expected.

“Everybody was so nice and friendly,” she said. “They were exceptionally informative and polite.”

It was the first time she’s ever been given a warm robe for a mammogram.

“They really look out for your comfort,” Nettie said. “They even put padding on the machine, which takes the edge off.”

Nettie is active with water aerobics and keeping up with her five granddaughters. For her, getting a mammogram is an important part of taking care of her health.

“It’s just a few minutes of being uncomfortable, but it’s so important to go every year,” she said.

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