Providing Mammograms and Helping Women Live Stronger

lauraWhen Laura Magel started providing mammograms, it was just one part of her job, but it quickly became one of the most important to her.

“The women would thank me for my time and my ability to help them with this part of their yearly routine,” she says. “I would see them in the community and they would let me know how I made the procedure comfortable for them and that meant a lot to me.”

Laura recently joined the staff at ella health’s Lemoyne, PA, center, where providing mammograms is her full-time job.

She said she likes the emphasis ella health puts on providing women with a comfortable experience including warm robes, private dressing rooms and padding on the machines. But, she says, there’s more to good patient care.

“It’s important to me to be able to help women when they might be feeling anxious about the procedure or have confusion about it,” she said. “Sometimes they are worried about a friend’s situation or they’ve read an article that has raised alarms. We are here to help through all of that.”

Laura and her husband have two daughters, a nine-year-old German Shepherd and a cat who visits frequently.

As Laura works with patients, she talks with them about how important it is for them to take of their own health.

“As women age, it is extremely important for us to be proactive,” she says. “This is when we as matriarchs, sisters and caregivers need to be our strongest, but so many times we put our health on the back burner to be supportive, giving and caring for others.”

She said she encourages women to take the time for themselves and to look after their own needs along with everyone else’s.

“Our physical well being drives our ability to do the fullest of our potential. If we are physically strong to approach each day, we can be mentally strong to do what approaches us each day.”

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  1. Chris

    I love your philosophy and totally agree. It is important to feel relaxed and not anxious when you go for your mammogram. There is always that question in the back of your mind of what will I do if something is found, especially if there is a family history. If your mammo tech is friendly and chats with you it seems to make the procedure easier. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication, Laura! It sounds like your patients notice and appreciate your effort. Keep up the great work!

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