Grandson is Reason Enough to Stay Healthy

Helen Melillo

Helen Melillo has a really good reason to want to stay healthy. He’s just 18 months old but has more than enough energy to keep her busy.

“I try to take good care of myself because I want to be able to keep up with him,” Helen says of her grandson, Kevin. He is the focus of much of her attention now that she has retired from working in the offices of DeVry University.

When Helen’s doctor reminded her recently that it was time for her annual mammogram, she expected it to be the same experience she’s had before in a busy clinic. She was surprised to hear about a new center, ella health, just downstairs from the Oak Avenue Office. The doctor’s receptionist was able to make an appointment for her at the center within just a few days.

Helen was astounded when she came to ella health.

“It’s just gorgeous,” she said. “The way it’s decorated is so relaxing.”

Helen was also happy to have a friendly greeting by a staff that really cared about making sure she had a good experience.

She said she even stayed after her exam to relax a bit before going home.

“It’s just magnificent,” Helen said. “I don’t mind going for a mammogram now.”

One comment

  1. That’s a touching story about staying healthy for the little guy. Sounds like a fun lady. Good luck to her and her 18 month old little buddy.

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