Where are Your Mammogram Images?

When you come to ella health as a new patient, one of the first things we will front deskask you is whether you have had a mammogram before and where. We ask because want to know your medical history, and we want to track down your previous images. Why? It’s all about giving you better care. The more we know about you, the better we can help you take care of your health. And, those previous images are important to providing a more accurate exam.

It is possible to detect whether there is an area of concern by looking at just one set of images; this is done when you have your first mammogram. This first mammogram, however, is considered a baseline and is used for comparison the next time you have an exam.

It’s best to be able to compare images from one year to the next. This allows doctors to see if there have been any changes since your last mammogram. In part particular, being able to see the previous images helps in determining whether something that looks like it cancer really is something to worry about. This can reduce the need for additional testing only to find that the area of concern is not cancer, also known as a false positive.

Once you tell us where you have had a mammogram, we will get the images if possible so you don’t have to worry about it. In most cases, they are available electronically and can be sent ahead of time to the radiologist who will review your ella health mammogram.

After your mammogram at ella health, we wll keep your images on file for at least ten years. This way, they are available for comparison for your next year’s appointment and made available to any of your health care providers who may need them.

We also provide you with safe, direct access to your images. You can look at them yourself or easily share them with your health care providers. When you have your appointment, we will provide you with instructions to get access to the images.

You can request a mammogram appointment at ella health online, or give us a call.

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