Mom Says She Won’t Miss Mammogram Again

fishingLisa Tomei knew she was overdue for a mammogram, but she was shocked to find out that it had been more than a year since her last breast cancer screening exam.

“I just got caught up with other health problems and didn’t make the appointment,” said Lisa who has fibromyalgia and ankylosing spondylitis.

While coping with those conditions can be overwhelming at times, Lisa said she believes it is vital to get a mammogram.

“I have three boys,” she explained. “I want to see them get older, graduate college, get married and have kids. I want to be a part of their lives.”

Lisa is busy with her job as an outreach worker for senior citizens through St. Francis on Long Beach and keeping up with her teenage sons. One is already in college and another heads off next year, so she said she wants to spend as much time with them as possible. They often fish together and she attends as many of their activities as she can.

For Lisa, a mammogram provides peace of mind.

“It’s one quick thing and then at least I know I’m safe for that year,” she said.

Lisa said she’s more likely to remember to make the appointment because of her most recent experience at ella health.

“It wasn’t like places I’ve been before,” she said. “It was so warm and friendly. Everyone was incredibly nice.”

The center was so relaxing that Lisa said she even got a cup of coffee although it’s not something she usually drinks.

Lisa said she especially appreciates the 3D technology. This system takes additional images along with the conventional 2D images, providing doctors with a clearer picture.

“I have large breasts and I was concerned that something could be missed,” she explained. “This makes me feel more confident.”

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