Salon Coordinator Supports Breast Cancer Patients

Maureen ArlausMaureen Arlaus could hardly find time to sit down on Wednesday as the salon where she is a coordinator, Razberri’s, was inundated with women wanting free pink hair extensions as part of a breast cancer fund raising effort during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“This is just one thing we can do to help,” said Maureen, who has watched a close cousin fight the disease. “We’re all women here and this hits close to home. And when something hits close to home, you have to get up and do something about it.”

The community can make a difference for those who face the disease.

“It’s nice to know that people care, even if it’s people who aren’t your immediate family and friends,” Maureen explained.

This month, Razberri’s is giving pink hair extensions to anyone who makes a $10 donation to help breast cancer patients. On Wednesday, ella health made the donation for customers so they could get the hair extensions for free. For those who wanted to make a $10 donation, ella matched the gift.

The salon is a close-knit, family-centered business, Maureen said. Some of the customers have been coming to Razberri’s since it opened 27 years ago.

“And, we’ll have the grandmothers, the mothers and the grandchildren coming in,” she said.

Maureen recently got a mammogram at ella health.

“It was not like anything I remember,” she said. “It was so nice, the comfortable room and the warm robe. There was no pain. It wasn’t even uncomfortable.”

In particular, Maureen said she appreciated a life-like model of a breast with lumps that was available to show women what they’re looking for during breast self-exams.

Through Oct. 31st, women who book a mammogram with ella health through Razberri’s can get free pink hair extensions.  ella health will cover the cost of the extensions, which is a $10 donation for breast cancer patients.

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