Taking Care of Others Should Include Taking Care of Yourself, Says Busy Toms River Woman

TheresaTheresa Ziegenbalg hardly has time to remember where she is most days. But on the way to one of her three jobs recently, she took the long way just so she could stop off at a mall and find a cookie cutter in the shape of a dove with its wings spread for a friend.

“That’s just what women do,” said Theresa. “We take care of each other.”

At 60 years “young” Theresa packs her schedule as full as possible. She’s got one job as a receptionist at Simply Skin and another as a PBX operator at a local hospital. In addition, she runs a Tastefully Simple business.

“I love the craziness of my life,” she said. “I have all these part-time jobs and that keeps me young because I’m always with different groups of people.”

But even when women get busy taking care of others, they should take time to take care of themselves, which includes getting an annual mammogram, she said.

“It’s just an hour out of your year and you are worth it,” Theresa explains. “And if you’re not going to do it for yourself, then do it for your family. If you have cancer, you want to know as early as possible.”

Theresa said she has become an even bigger proponent of mammograms since coming for an exam at ella health. She said she liked the real cloth robes and the music playing in the background.

“It was just an amazing experience. The women at the front desk were so thoughtful and they talk to you like you are their best friend. It is very comforting,” she said. “I’ve never had an experience like it before.”


  1. Ella has taken women out of the dark ages with mammograms…you don’t have to be embarrassed..or uncomfortable..Women know what women need…

  2. Jane

    So proud of you Tess. You were remarkable when we met in 5th grade and has always been a true and faithful friend ever since. You have always excepted me as I am and have kick my ass when needed. I can never imagine not having you in my life. You know where all the dead bodies are buried and never have judged me because of it. I can’ t wait to see us together when we are 90 yrs old. FYI, I don’t share my tooth cup with anyone.

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