Boobies and Bling Party Made Shopping and Mammograms Convenient

Boobies and BlingWe want to thank everyone who helped to make the Boobies and Bling Party a great success. Nearly 100 women came to see our Lemoyne center and shop. Several even got the mammogram they’ve been putting off for years.

The party was a chance for friends to get together and have a good time looking at the latest trends from Eye Candy and Mary Kay. We know it’s unusual to have a party at a mammography center, but ella health is not a typical health care provider. We’re focused on providing an entirely new type of experience, one that makes you want to get the care that you need.

Several women came to the party with no intention of getting a breast cancer screening exam, but they changed their minds once they got here and saw the place for themselves. Maybe it was the warm robes that convinced them, or maybe it was the private dressing rooms. The friendly staff probably Bling photomade a difference too. Regardless, we’re glad that a few more women have taken charge of their health.

Whether or not there’s a party going on, we’re always happy to have you stop in to see for yourself how inviting our centers are. There are coffee and tea in the waiting room and relaxing music playing overhead. And, when you come in for an appointment, you won’t have to worry about your schedule. We’ll get you in on time so you can move on to all of the other things on your list.

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