New ella health CEO Seeks Changes in Women’s Health Care

We are pleased to announce the appointment of a new CEO who will lead ella health’s expansion into new locations and services. Melissa Dyrdahl Melissa Dyrdahlbrings to the role a vision to transform how women experience health care that comes from her own, very personal experience.

Melissa had recently started her own internet company when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had known she was at risk, but the news was no less of a shock. She fought back with the same determination that had driven her professional success.

As with many breast cancer diagnoses, she was faced with several treatment approaches to consider, each with its own set of pros, cons and risk factors. She took charge of her health by gathering all the information she could find. It’s one of the most important things women can do to empower themselves to make better decisions, she explained.

She also continued her many activities as much as possible.

“This was important to me because I really always saw myself as a survivor and not a victim,” she said.

Melissa started making her health a higher priority by taking more time for herself, practicing yoga and increasing her cardio exercise by going on long hikes.

Through the experience, she saw firsthand the challenges women face in getting adequate health care. This is something she wants to change, which is part of what drew her to ella.

“There is a need to focus on delivering care specifically to women,” she said. “Our bodies are different and our needs are different. We want and need very specific types of support.”

Melissa especially encourages ella health’s emphasis on making it easier and more inviting for women to get mammograms. She had been diligent about getting one annually, and that saved her life.

“If my cancer hadn’t been caught as early as it was, my odds of living wouldn’t have been as good as they are,” she said.

As the CEO of ella health, Melissa looks forward to being active in the community and advocating for better health care for women. Her focus will be on continuing to provide the most advanced care combined with special touches that make a difference like soft robes, private, locked dressing rooms and quick results.

“ella health was developed based on what women said they wanted their health care experience to be like, and we will continue to listen to our patients and to be attuned to their needs as we offer more services,” she said. “Our goal is to exceed the expectations of the women who come here.”

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