Giving the Gift of Heath

There is a lot of pressure around this time of year to find “just the right gift.” And why not? After all, these are gifts for the people you love most. You know they’ll be happy just to be remembered, but of course you want more than that. You want to find “the gift” they will enjoy and remember for a long time to come.

present2013There’s a gift that you can give that won’t cost a dime, but it may be more valuable than anything you’ll find in the store – it’s asking a simple question: Have you gotten a mammogram this year? The answer for about half of the women eligible is “no.” Maybe they’re afraid, maybe they’ve forgotten, or maybe they’re too busy taking care of everyone else. Maybe they’re not thinking about how important they are to their own loved ones. Maybe they just need someone to let them know.

This test matters. It is your most important tool in finding breast cancer earlier, when it is easier to treat.

At Ella Health, we use an advanced 3D technology that has been shown to improve cancer detection and reduce the number of false alarms. We make it easier for those who are busy with online scheduling and on-time appointments. We provide an inviting, friendly environment so women will feel comfortable as soon as they walk through the door. We have coffee or tea waiting for you along with heated robes and private dressing rooms. It’s our way of letting you know that we care about your health just as much as you do.


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