A New Perspective on Mammograms

As the CEO of a mammography provider, I have a shocking confession to make: I have always dreaded getting a mammogram. I believe they’re front deskimportant, especially as a breast cancer survivor, but it’s been one of those things that I always did reluctantly.

What drew me to Ella Health was the promise that there could be an alternative, that a mammogram could be something a woman wouldn’t mind doing and might even look forward to in a way. Ella was built to overcome all of the objections women have about getting a mammogram. It was created as a place that waiting roomcould change how women think about this crucial exam. I wanted to find out for myself how effective we are, so recently I had an appointment.

Although I knew how different Ella is, I was still amazed at the experience. From the moment I walked through the doors of our center as a patient, my anxiety disappeared. The colors, the music and the décor create a warm and inviting environment completely unlike a typical medical facility with large, crowded waiting rooms and a clinical atmosphere. This place is intimate and cozy, like a classy spa. And, with the free coffee, tea and lemon water, it’s like an oasis in the midst of a busy day.

For me, however, what stands out even more is what came next. I was shown to a private dressing room and handed one of the robes I’ve heard so much about. I understood right away why we talk about them so often – they’re dressing roomas soft as those in nice hotels, and they’re heated.  The private dressing rooms are also kept comfortably warm, and you can lock them so you don’t have to drag your things with you to the exam room.

Once in the exam room, I had a lot of questions, and the tech had plenty of answers. I know she’s probably heard them all, but she patiently answered them anyway. I especially appreciated how she explained what happens during an exam.

It’s still an awkward procedure that involves exposing our bodies and compressing our boobs, but Ella brings a sense of dignity to the process. With this approach, you feel like you are being supported in doing something important to take care of yourself.colleen explains machine

Having been through the process, I can now confidently urge other women to get their mammograms at Ella. It doesn’t have to be intimidating or unpleasant. With all the steps Ella Health has taken to revolutionize the experience, there is no more reason to dread this procedure that might save your life as it did mine.

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  1. Rachel A. Heldt

    Great job of writing about a most unpleasant procedure.

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