No Reason to put off a First Mammogram

ShellyWhen Shelly Lowe turned 40, she got the usual script from her doctor for a mammogram. That was four years ago. The script sat unused until last month

She was a little nervous about getting her first breast cancer screening exam, but that wasn’t what held her back

“I’d chalk it up to procrastination,” she said. “If you’re not having any problems, it’s hard to get motivated for routine appointments.”

Shelly, who has a busy job in public safety, is generally diligent about keeping up with her health. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2007 and exercises regularly while being careful about what she eats. She is even a community leader on a forum for people with MS and understands the importance of routine testing.

“Patients seek guidance and experiences from other patients when making decisions – it  motivates them. And, here I was ignoring good advice about getting a mammogram for no good reason. I did put things off, but in the end, when you’re presented with enough facts, and you know it’s something you should get done – you do it.”

Shelly said she realized that just because you’re feeling well, doesn’t mean everything is okay. Mammograms can detect breast cancer long before a lump can be felt. The first mammogram is especially important because it provides a baseline that doctors can use to watch for changes.

The exam was easier than she expected, Shelly said.

“Ella Health is an inviting, comfortable place,” she explained. “It doesn’t take long, and you don’t feel rushed. I liked that the changing room was warm and there were hangers for my shirt.”

Now that she’s been through it, Shelly said she’s ready to come back regularly and to tell other women that there really is no reason to put it off any longer.

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