Business Leader Says No Reason to Fear Mammogram

Angela Wert is an unlikely advocate for mammograms. She’s not yet at the age where she should be getting them every year and until recently, she Angela Wertdreaded having to get one anyway. She didn’t know much about them other than the jokes and horror stories of squished boobs and painful appointments, and that was enough to make it seem like something she’d want to put off for a long time.

The entrepreneur changed her mind after being introduced to Ella Health and now is helping to set up events to encourage women to get their annual breast cancer screening exams.

“I’ve always believed it’s important to take care of your health, and I understand why mammograms are important, but I wasn’t an advocate until I saw what Ella Health offers,” Angela said. “They make it easy.”

Angela runs Executive Decision, LLC, a company that provides event planning and virtual administrative and sales services. She has built the company on her background in sales. Even though she’s busy as a business owner and mom, she finds time to work out.

“It’s important because you know you’re doing something good for yourself and you feel better and that gives you more confidence,” Angela said.

Ella Health has removed the stigma of getting a mammogram by addressing the objections women have to getting the exam, Angela said. The centers are more like a spa than a clinic and the cloth robes are heated. So are the exam rooms.

Angela said she was surprised at how quick the exam is. Appointments are easy to schedule and on time. The results are available within one business day.

“Now that I know how simple it is, I want others to know to so they won’t put it off,” Angela said.

Executive Decision is organizing a Wine Tasting at Ella Health in Lemoyne, PA, on March 19th, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The event will be led by sommelier Chrissy Smolenski of the D’Vine Wench and include an auction of six bottles of wine.

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