CEO Gets Personal at Ella Health

I have found that there’s nothing ordinary about running a health care provider committed to changing the Melissa Dyrdahway women’s health care is delivered, but some days are even more extraordinary than others.

Recently I got to visit our newest center located in the heart of Westport, CT. The tour started out as you would expect. I was shown the beautiful waiting room, the private dressing rooms and the bright, spacious area for physical therapy. As we walked through the center, construction workers added the final touches while the staff tested the new imaging technology. Along with 3D mammography, this center will have Automated Breast Ultra Sound. I knew my day was about to take an unusual turn when one of our mammography technologists announced that they needed a test subject.

I hesitated only slightly before raising my hand. Having had reconstructive surgery following my breast cancer treatment, I was a perfect candidate for the techs to practice on. But what a way for these new staff members to get to know the boss. We had just met, and now we were going to get up close and personal in a very real way.

I suppose this could have been considered more than a bit awkward, but that’s not the kind of place Ella Health is. We’re all about making women feel comfortable, and this time was no different. The techs were gracious and friendly and made the whole experience feel relaxed and normal. For me, this was just a small thing I could do as part of making sure our patients have the best experience possible.

We want you to know that we understand what you’re going through. We know how hard it can be to come in for a mammogram or to get your physical therapy treatment. And we want you to know that we’ll do whatever we can to make it easier.

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