Start a Conversation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month: #MammogramPlease

I’m not sure that anyone in the women’s health care field is supposed to admit this during October, but pink isMelissa Dyrdahl Just One not my favorite color. And yet during this month, I will happily wear it. Because during this month, pink is not just a color, it’s a rallying cry to come together and to support each other in taking care of our health.

Despite all the publicity, too many women still don’t get an annual mammogram. They’re afraid, they’re busy or they don’t know how quick and easy it can be. What if someone were to tell them? What if someone were to remind them that taking care of ourselves is a way of taking care of others and that it’s better to know what’s going on with our health so we can make better decisions?

This year we want to make it easier for women to take care of each other with a campaign, #MammogramPlease, to encourage these important conversations. We know it can be difficult to bring up personal issues, but we also know it can make a tremendous difference. Many women have come in to our centers simply because of something their friends have said.

This topic is especially important to me as a breast cancer survivor. I know all too well how important getting a mammogram is and I don’t want any of my friends to miss it. Whether or not you’ve had cancer, if you believe that an annual mammogram is important, then I urge you to encourage your friends as well. Remind them that it’s just one a year.

You can show your support with a “Just One” photo posted on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #MammogramPlease. Check out the photos already posted on, Twitter @ellaHealth, and Instagram @ellahealth_foryou.

Have a Healthy October

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