It’s Not too Late to Get a Breast Cancer Exam

Raye Ann Pagano believes that prevention is important when it comes to taking care of your health, but she Raye Paganoadmits that she wasn’t doing it.

At 65 she was a walking statistic. One of the women who had never gotten a breast cancer screening exam despite knowing that the American Breast Cancer Society recommends one a year every year after age 40.

“I haven’t taken care of my health in the past,” she said. “I was just so busy taking care of everyone else.”

Several years ago, one of her close friends got breast cancer and encouraged Raye to get a mammogram. Still, she didn’t have one. And as time went on, her fear just grew.

“After a while, you’re even more scared because you worry that you have waited too long,” she said.

Raye’s friend didn’t give up on her and instead kept reminding her how important the exam is. Eventually, her words did make the difference. And one day, when her friend invited her to go to Ella Health for a 3D mammogram, Raye said, “Yes.”

“I finally just got up the courage,” she explained.

The test showed normal results and now Raye can relax knowing she is healthy.

“I don’t know what I was waiting for, it wasn’t bad at all,” she said. “And Ella is a beautiful center. It was the best clinical experience I’ve ever had. The tech was very sweet and gentle.”

Now Raye is not only planning on getting a mammogram every year she’s also encouraging others to get over their fears. She frequently shares her experience with her Mary Kay clients and assures them that the test is quick and easy and worth it for the peace of mind.

Raye is hosting a Mary Kay event at Ella Health in Toms River on Tuesday, October 21st from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Anyone who gets an exam that night will get $20 worth of Mary Kay products. Also, a portion of the sales from the event will be donated to a Mary Kay fund that supports breast cancer research.

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