Ella Health CEO Featured in Reuter’s Article

Ella Health Chief Executive Melissa Dyrdahl recently got to talk about why we do so much to ensure that women have a better Melissa Dyrdahlmammography experience. It’s all about making women more comfortable so they will be more likely to get a breast cancer screening exam.

(Reuters — Reporting by Christina Farr)


Ella’s pitch: to improve the often nerve-wracking process so women will not skip their annual mammogram.

“We want women to feel like they’re in a spa, not a cold and clinical hospital,” Dyrdahl, who is chief executive of the company, said in an interview. For instance, Ella reminds its technicians to be “warm and caring” and gives patients a private dressing room and heated cloth robe.

In recent years, the company has secured capital to purchase 3D mammography units and offer a test that takes X-rays at different angles of the breast. At some $450,000, the equipment is far more expensive than standard mammography units.

Dyrdahl, also a former marketing director at Apple Inc, said she joined the company after years of “terrible” mammogram experiences. Dyrdahl is herself a breast cancer survivorRead Full Article

Ella Health Robe

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