Dedicated Mom Inspires Friend

The following post is from Celisse Manuel, office coordinator in Ella Health’s San Antonio Center.

Ella Health inspiration

Celisse Manuel  finds is inspired by her friend Jennifer Moreno.

My inspiration is a good friend of mine. Her name is Jennifer Moreno.

Jennifer is a mother of four boys and has been with her husband Eddie for about 20 years. She is my inspiration because on top of being a beautiful woman on the outside, she’s also an awesome mother, wife and friend.

Jennifer’s oldest son was tragically shot in the face back in 2011 when he was a senior at Alamo Heights High School, just a few months shy of graduation and his 18th birthday. While Jennifer goes through the struggle and pain of seeing her child, now paralyzed from the neck down and reliant on a wheelchair and in need of a ventilator to survive, she cares for him and serves as his nurse while still being a devoted mother to her other three boys.

The youngest of her four are twins who are actively involved in their middle school sports. Jennifer NEVER misses a game! Then she comes home and prepares amazing Pinterest inspired dinner for all her family.

On the weekends when we’re able to hang out, Jennifer even caters and spoils my children like if they were her niece and nephew. She goes out of her way to make sure that everyone around her is happy without putting herself first. She has motivated me as a mother and friend to be a more mature and compromising person and she’s well deserving of a pat on the back!

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