Mammo Tech Encourages Questions for Comfort

Linda ZampirriAs a mammo tech, Linda Zampirri has a lot of questions for women. First there are things that she needs to know about like family history and health concerns. Then she’ll ask about how their day is going or what their plans are for the weekend to help them relax and let them know she cares about them as a person not just a patient.

But what’s just as important, Linda says, is letting those women ask a few questions of their own.

“Women feel more comfortable when they understand what we’re doing and why,” she said. “We get asked the same questions a lot, but I really don’t mind because I think it’s important for women to have as much information as possible.”

One of the most common questions is why get a 3D mammogram?

“I’m very excited to talk about this technology because it’s such an advancement in the care we can provide,” Linda said. “With the compression during a mammogram, tissue overlaps and doctors have only two views. But with 3D, we take several images and that gives us more information. That means better detection and fewer call backs.”

The next question is does it feel different than a conventional mammogram?

“We still do compression but it takes only a few seconds longer,” Linda said. “And for our mammograms, we use a soft pad that warms up the machine and makes it more comfortable.”

Linda said she pays close attention when women come into the center to see if they’re nervous or scared. If they are, she will take them on a tour and walk them through every step of the process.

“I want women to feel good about getting this exam because it’s so important for them to know what’s going on with their health,” she said. “If we can make them feel more comfortable I know they’ll be back.”

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  1. Whatever age you are, it is important for all women to practice good breast health and that includes getting regular mammography. I agree that we will feel more comfortable if we understand what mammo techs are doing and why. We need to be well-informed and be an active participant in our own health care.

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