Dedication to Fitness Defies Weather

KathrynThe mounds of snow that winter threw at us this year did not keep Kathryn McBride from staying on top of her health goals. When it got too cold and messy outside, she took off on the treadmill in her basement. She walks at least two miles a day.

“If it’s important to you to stay healthy, you find a way to get it done,” Kathryn explained. “And, I want to do everything I can to stay healthy.”

Kathryn has a busy job as a senior vice president at Bank of America in charge of a team that performs customer experience testing on the phone systems. She also has two grandchildren on the way.

“You have to stay motivated and be committed to taking care of yourself,” said Kathryn, who also goes to the gym and swims on the weekends.

She recently went to Ella Health’s Pike Creek center for a mammogram and was surprised to find that the experience wasn’t what she expected.

“At Ella, they were so personable,” she said. “I hate going and sitting in a cold lobby waiting for the appointment but here, there was a comfortable waiting room and everyone was so nice.”

Kathy said she gets a mammogram because she feels it is an important part of monitoring her health.

“I can’t say I’ve looked forward to going, but this was really a wonderful experience,” she said. “It was the best mammogram I’ve ever had.”

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