Inspired to be “Good Enough”

At Ella Health, we have been honoring the women who inspire us. This post comes from physical therapist Jennifer Duggins.

When I was asked about who inspires me, I immediately thought of my mom. This is an easy choice and she is a definite source of inspiration. But, she is not my only source.

When I dove down a little farther in my psyche (or what is left of my brain after my children) I came up with this…I am inspired by the woman I have created from qualities of many other women whom I have either known, read about, watched on film or just dreamed of. In other words, I am inspired by the woman I continually aspire to be.

I have been told at times I have a perfectionist personality; I don’t know if that is entirely accurate, but I do know I spend a lot of time trying to attain what my brain has decided is “the best I can be.” I apply this to all of my roles in life: daughter, wife, mother, friend, colleague, therapist, caregiver; you get the picture.

Sometimes trying to achieve “perfection” is a bit stressful, and in our fast-paced busy lives, we need to do our best to minimize those types of stressors. So, I am finally settled in my 40’s on striving to be “just good enough.” This is a concept that a very wonderful counselor shared that with me a couple of years ago. Because what is “perfection” anyway? Who gets to decide that, really? So, I am inspired by the woman I created who embodies strength of character, compassion, kindness, intelligence, passion, and love of life. She is who I strive to be daily. She keeps me going as a daughter, wife, mother, friend, colleague and therapist. She can move mountains, or she can be content and satisfied that she tried.

As a physical therapist specializing in women’s heath at our San Antonio center Jennifer Duggins inspires women to grow stronger and live healthier, more balanced lives. She creates individualized programs for women to meet their abilities and needs as they manage physical changes in life or recover from surgery or illness. She incorporates Pilates, advanced techniques and other innovations to provide optimal care in a warm and inviting environment.

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