Radio Show Hosts Makes Sure to Find Time for Her Health

Nancy Johnson loungeIn her mornings, which start before 4 a.m., Nancy Johnson is co-host of The Wakeup Crew on 93.7 WSTW in Wilmington, Delaware, entertaining people during the morning drive time. In the afternoons, she’s mom to two energetic children. And in between, she’s learned to look after herself so she can keep up with everything else.

“I’ve got all these roles to play and it can be exhausting,” she said. “You really have to make a point of taking care of yourself.”

During those midday hours Nancy finds the time to exercise. She wasn’t always so diligent about being active, she said. That changed two-and-a-half years ago when she started working with a personal trainer.

“I’ve always been concerned about my weight, but I just couldn’t stay on track with an exercise program,” Nancy explained. “Then I got a chance to work with my trainer and it was the missing piece. She has me do a variety of things and that has really helped me stay committed.”

Her afternoons also frequently include a nap. With getting up so early and wanting to spend evening hours with her family,Nancy said she has learned that she needs to give herself the extra rest.

Part of taking care of herself, Nancy says, is making sure she gets an annual exam and a mammogram. She schedules them around her birthday to make it easier to remember.

“It’s a birthday present to myself,” she said. “And, I figure I’m working so hard to take care of myself I should do this to.”

Nancy JohnsonNancy featured her visit to Ella in a blog and video. She said although she was told what to expect ahead of time, she was still amazed at the experience. She even created a new to describe it: spa-mmography.

“They really take the time and make you feel special. You aren’t just a number,” she said. “It feels like you have your own personal mammo tech.”

The biggest surprise?

“Not only do you get a cloth robe, but they warm it up for you,” Nancy said.

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