Celebrating Healthy Moms

mom and daughterYou’re doing a good job, mom!

We know how hard you’ve been working. We know you’re not only keeping up with your own health, you’re keeping on top of everyone else’s too.

It’s a tough job. You’re busy and they don’t always want to eat their broccoli. And yet you do it every day in big ways and small. So this month, we’re celebrating you.

We’re celebrating all the things you do to make sure your family stays strong and healthy from finding tasty, nutritious recipes to showing them how it’s done by taking a class, going for a run or jumping in the pool yourself

You know they’re watching and learning from you even when they don’t know it. You’re keeping up on the latest research, limiting the sugary snacks, pushing the fruits and vegetables and convincing them to turn off the tv and get outside to play.

To make it a little easier, this month we’re offering tips and inspiration just for you. We’ll let you in on the secrets from our moms and share what’s been working for us. We’d love to hear from you too. Please let us know what you’re doing to make a difference for your family.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Ella Health


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