Ten Ways to Give Yourself the Gift of You

How has this holiday season been for you? If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and a tad behind, rest assured you are not alone. We’re hearing from many women who still have trees sitting on their front porch, baking ingredients untouched in the cupboard, or a pile of cards that may become New Year’s greetings if they get out at all.

Is it all too much?

Ella Health woman with giftYes, if in the process of making things wonderful for everyone else, we forget ourselves. The holidays bring fun and joy, but they can also add stress as we strive to make them as perfect as possible.  The pressure is on because we want so much to make this season special for those in our lives and strangers we know are in need. Only you can’t do your best for everyone else if you’re not at your best, and you won’t be if you don’t put yourself on the list. Here are a few things you can give yourself:

  1. Time. It’s been noted that just spending time with someone is better than material things. That can certainly be true when it comes to taking care of you. Go away for a day if you can, but even a short walk or a few minutes reading a great novel can be beneficial.
  2. A “gift” list. You’ve probably been asking everyone else, but have you stopped to ask yourself? As much as you desire to give, you also deserve to receive. Maybe it’s something you can buy, or maybe it’s intangible. But just taking the time to think about it is an easy gift.
  3. A love note. List the things that you’ve done that have made you happy. Add in your favorite qualities. Give yourself permission to be proud of what you’ve accomplished.
  4. Something to look forward to. You’re probably pretty booked right now. But how about in a few weeks or months? Find something you would like to do and take the steps to make it happen.
  5. Go easy on yourself. Just because you’ve put something on your list doesn’t mean it will happen. Sometimes there are just too many things to do and sometimes unexpected things come up. Give yourself permission to be satisfied with “good enough.”
  6. A compliment. Look yourself in the mirror and say something nice.
  7. A new experience. Take a different route home. Go for a swing on the trapeze. Trying new things can give you a whole new perspective on life.
  8. Less stress. Take something off the to do list. Allow yourself to be okay with saying “no.” Sometimes, that’s the best thing for all involved.
  9. Indulge. You don’t need to overdo it, but let yourself enjoy the some of the special things that are only around during the holidays.
  10. Better health. It can be hard to maintain good habits with so many tempting treats and demands on your time. But this is when it matters most. Be aware of the challenges you face and set up a strategy so you will feel more in control and avoid negative guilt. Grab a salad before the party. Sneak in some exercise by walking to the post office for stamps instead of driving. Even little steps will add up to make a big difference.

It has been our great pleasure to take care of you throughout this year and we are looking forward to seeing you again. Happy Holidays from all of us at Ella Health.


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