Ella Health Mammo Tech Treats Patients as if They Were Family

Larissa GeisbertElla Health mammo tech Larissa Geisbert loves to watch patients come through the front door,  especially if they’ve been having a stressful, hectic day. They visibly relax in the comfortable center with soft music playing in the background and aromatherapy creating a spa-like atmosphere.

“They come in, sometimes nervous or worried, and you can see the change when they walk into this beautiful setting,” said Larissa, a tech at Ella Health’s center in Hagerstown, MD. “This is a place where women can relax, and that’s an important part of providing them with the best care possible.”

Larissa was drawn to healthcare while still in school through her interest in science. She pursued women’s imaging because she liked being able to be personally involved with her patients and to make a difference for them.

“To me, it’s rewarding to be able to see how we can help women maintain and monitor their wellness,” she said. “Every day, I am reminded that we’re really an important part of that process.”

She said she likes working at Ella Health because of all the special touches including a warm, soft robe and private dressing rooms where women can lock away their personal belongings.

“I treat my patients as if they were family,” she said. “They are someone’s mother, sister, aunt or grandmother, and they deserve personalized, attentive care. They should never feel that they are just a number.”

In order to make the exam itself more comfortable, Larissa said she talks to women throughout the process and puts them in control, especially when it comes to the level of compression. She explains that the compression is necessary to get as clear a picture as possible, but says that it shouldn’t be painful.

When it comes to health care, the biggest challenge many women face is being their own advocate, Larissa said. They don’t ask enough questions or realize that they have choices. She encourages them to find out all they can about what they need and what their options are.

For her own wellness, Larissa kicked off the new year with a renewed determination to exercise more. She’s been getting up early to get moving.

“It’s not always easy to take those first steps toward improving your health, but I know it matters and that even making a small change will make a big difference over time.”

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