Danielle Wallace Joins Ella Health as Director of Physician and Community Relations

IMG_4203Danielle Wallace recently joined Ella Health as the Director of Physician and Community Relations. She has the special role of extending our patient-centered care into the community as she raises awareness about the need for an annual mammogram and the spa-like experience available at Ella Health. (Press Release)

What made you interested in being a part of the Ell.a Health team?

There is a history of breast cancer in my family and yet I have family members who won’t get screened. They’re nervous and afraid of the exam. A lot of women feel that way and the people at Ella understand and have designed a center that will provide a much better experience. I see the value in taking this very necessary medical procedure and turning it into something that is inviting.

Ella Health does that with the soft music, aromatherapy and cloth robes. There are private dressing rooms and warm exam rooms to make the experience more comfortable.

What is your favorite part of the Ella Health experience?

I like that women can make an appointment on short notice. We’re able to take walk-in appointments, so if someone has been thinking about getting an exam, she can just get it done rather than having to put it off any longer. Plus, the appointments are quick. Women are in and out in less than 30 minutes.  As a working mom, I really appreciate how hard it can be to take the time for anything extra, even something as important as your health.

It’s also important to me that women can get their results so quickly. They don’t have to wait for a letter to arrive. Generally, we’re able to let them know within one business day with a call or an email.

When it comes to what Ella Health offers how significant is 3D mammography?

It’s not just about the having the latest and best technology. It’s about what that technology can mean for a woman. It offers peace of mind. It’s better at detecting cancers and it’s better at eliminating false positives. That means it’s less likely that a woman is going to be put through the stress of having to come back for additional testing.

How is the Ella Health message different for doctors than for patients?

We want patients to know how wonderful the Ella Health experience is, but it’s just as important for physicians to know how we do things differently. They’re looking for the best care for their patients. They need to know that at Ella, their patients will get personal attention and that they will be able to relax and take care of themselves. We also work closely with physicians so their patients will have integrated, seamless care.

At Ella Health, there is a lot of talk about taking care of your health. How do you do that?

This is something I set as a priority. It’s important to me as a mom to set a good example for my children and I want to keep up with them. I also know that exercising regularly keeps my stress levels down. For me, what works best is going to group classes. I like the motivation of having friends who will hold me accountable and offer encouragement.

What role does Ella Health have in the community?

We offer a service that women need once a year, but we care about their health all year long. We have a blog and a Facebook page that provides health tips and encouragement to stay healthy. We want to be a resource that really makes a difference in helping women maintain their health.


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